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Excellent car and service to match

Having had an awful experience a few days earlier at a Coventry used car garage, I feel hesitant at visiting any more for a while but I needed to get a replacement car for my daughter. My faith has however been restored by my experience with this partnership (Chris and Simon) at Brookside Vehicles. From start to finish I felt valued and I had no indications at any stage they weren’t being open and honest with me. Welcomed in last Sunday after an Audi A3 caught my attention. The car had been prepared in pristine condition, a test drive was immediately offered and all the associated documentation was viewed and discussed. Bought it on the spot. Collected it two days later. Delivered it to my daughter up near Banbury who was overjoyed with it. Hopefully it will be a great car for her. To be honest, it drove like the best car I’d ever sat in and I felt awful parting with it! I will be looking for another A3 for myself in the near future and I will connect these guys to find me one.